Year Author/Organization Title
2018 ICSA

Understanding the CORSIA Package

2018 ICSA

Summary: Civil society recommendations
on the ICAO CORSIA package (EN)

2018 ICSA

Resumen: Recomendaciones de la Sociedad Civil sobre el paquete regulatorio de la OACI que desarrolla el CORSIA (ES)

2018 ICSA Résumé: Recommandations de la société civile sur le régime CORSIA de l’OACI (FR)
2017 ICSA

Trust but Verify Aviation’s Climate Deal: CORSIA Registries and Transparency

2016 WWF/Stockholm Environment Institute

Supply and sustainability of carbon offsets and alternative fuels for international aviation

2016 WWF

Greener skies? Supply and sustainability of carbon credits and alternative fuels for international aviation

2016 ICCT

International Civil Aviation Organization CO2 standard for new aircraft

2015 ICCT

Transatlantic airline fuel efficiency ranking, 2014

2015 ICCT

Fuel efficiency trends for new commercial jet aircraft: 1960 to 2014

2015 CMW Briefing: Aviation and Climate Change
2014 ICCT

U.S. domestic airline fuel efficiency ranking, 2013

2013 ICCT

ICAO’s CO2 certification requirement for new aircraft

2013 EDF Implementing an ICAO Global Market-Based Measure to Limit Carbon Pollution
2013 ICAO Market-Based Measures: Achieving Carbon Neutral Growth from 2020
2013 EDF On the Flightpath to Success
2013 Transport & Environment Global emissions trading essential to close aviation’s emissions gap in 2050 – study
2013 CAN CAN position on Market Based Measures (MBMs) for International Aviation
2013 CMW Briefing Note for ICAO: Carbon Offsetting – Do’s and Don’ts
2013 CMW Turbulences Ahead: Market based measures to reduce aviation emissions
2013 CMW/Nature Code International Aviation: Addressing emissions while respecting equity issues
2013 EDF Carbon-Neutral Growth for Aviation: At What Price?
2013 MMU CATE The impact of the ‘2020 Carbon Neutral Goal’ on aviation CO2 radiative forcing and temperature response
2013 MMU CATE Bridging the aviation CO2 emissions gap: why emissions trading is needed
2013 Transport & Environment Global deal or no deal? Your free guide to ICAO’s 38th Triennial Assembly
2012 Transport & Environment A New Flightplan: Getting Climate Measures for Aviation off the Ground
2012 WWF Aviation report: Market Based Mechanisms to Curb Greenhouse Gas Emissions from International Aviation
2000 EDF Tracking the Skies: An Airline-Based System for Limiting Greenhouse Gas Emissions from International Civil Aviation
1999 IPCC IPCC Special Report on Aviation and the Global Atmosphere
1998 EDF/University of Pennsylvania Long-term scenarios for aviation: Demand and emissions of CO2 and NOx
1994 EDF/University of Pennsylvania Aircraft Emissions and the Global Atmosphere