Global Deal to Regulate Aviation Pollution Nears the Finish Line

Global Deal To Regulate Aviation Pollution Nears the Finish Line  

— Major NGOs Hold Real-Time Briefing and Q&A —

MONTREAL – Country negotiations at the UN International Aviation Organization (ICAO) have less than five days to adopt a global deal to start a process to rein in emissions from international aviation, the fastest source of carbon pollution worldwide. The International Coalition on Sustainable Aviation (ICSA) – the only official civil society observer at the UN’s ICAO proceedings – will hold a press call at 10:00am EST on 5 October to share the latest Montreal developments.

ICSA stresses that politics should not further compromise the ambition of this aviation climate agreement as negotiations wind to a close. Key ICSA experts on the ground in Montreal will discuss the current state of the agreement, provide insight on where key players stand and signal what to expect when the Assembly closes on Friday, 7 October.

Time of press briefing is subject to change based on real time events. Please RSVP online by 11 PM CEST, 10 PM BST, and 5 PM EST on Tuesday, October 4 to be notified of schedule changes.

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